My Shanghai Story With Spring Airlines

Spring Airlines, Jamie Chan, Leica, Shanghai

I have not been blogging much for the past couple of weeks as I’ve been everywhere.
Quite literally.
From assisting with photo workshops, curating works, mummy’s day out, travelling from Singapore to Shanghai, back to Singapore and travelling again the very next day; I am currently settled in Melbourne.

I made a bunch of new friends; caught up with old ones and managed to finally meet and have dinner with my favourite international Gypsy and bear.
To top it off, I had some amazing experiences in Italian cafes; beautiful –naked– spa sessions with the ladies and mouth-watering cuisines here, there and everywhere.
All within the past 2 weeks! Phew…

Melbourne’s weather is a little crazy as you get 4 seasons in a day and it rains a lot just like it did in Shanghai.
Speaking of Shanghai, I was invited by Spring Airlines to Shanghai to find out My Shanghai Story along with a bunch of other bloggers.

Spring Airlines

Spring Airlines is a budget airlines from China which brings the first budget flight from Singapore to Shanghai direct.
This trip to Shanghai is definitely a testing ground for my Mandarin skills and lets just say that I passed most of it back to my tuition teacher all those years ago…

Shanghai, Spring Airlines, Jamie Chan, No Foreign Lands Leica

The group of bloggers

From top left clockwise:

We also have Matthew who is not in the picture as he left a day earlier:

I am very excited to share My Shanghai Story in the posts to come.
Do keep a lookout for them and in the meantime, do let me know what is your #shanghaistory

Last picture of rainy Shanghai!

Shanghai, Spring Airlines, Jamie Chan, No Foreign Lands Leica

Rainy Shanghai

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