A Break

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Taking a break from my Shanghai Adventures with Spring Airlines, most; if not some should notice that I am no longer in Singapore.

It’s been a roller-coaster ride since the start of 2014 and its been a crazy year so far.
After being pushed out of my comfort zone, I took a huge leap of faith and started to pick up projects again!
Trust me, it is not easy picking up projects and shooting for people after ‘talking’ about shooting and different cameras for so long.
I had to start all over again but I am blessed to have such amazing clients that are willing to give me the creative freedom. In other words, threw the project at me, gave me a deadline, closed their eyes and opened them just to see the final product.

I left my full-time job after much deliberation and I am probably still a little disappointed with the way things turned out. But I keep the memories of my wonderful colleagues and interesting people I’ve met throughout the past one and a half-year with them.

I am not sure where I am heading as right now, it seems like I am walking through a dark foggy forest; that I am waving my arms trying to find my way around.
I am improvising everything; testing the limits of what I can and cannot do while trying not to hit the surrounding trees.

I mean I built a website and sorted out domain issues. Without knowing a single line of code and the difference between a CNAME and DNS.
Oh and I boiled a white fungus and pear drink that was edible without melting the pot.
I think I’ll survive.

Jamie Chan, Leica, Travel Blog, Melbourne, Sharpei, dog

Bear Dog

Melbourne is kind to me and besides that fact that I do not have close to 50K AUD to attend the RMIT photo course for 2 years and that everything comes with a pretty price tag, I really like it here.
Sun tanning by the pool, cycling everywhere I go, sleeping in and the oh so glorious food.
I just came back from feeding the possums at the park by hand; like my own private night zoo.

The Carlton Park is beautiful right now; with amazing colours from the autumn leaves that cover the ground like wallpaper. On a clear night, I love to talk a walk in the park, look up and admire the stars in the sky.
That I am only one tiny speck in the universe worrying about what will and will not come.

Jamie Chan, Leica, Travel Blog, Melbourne, carlton park

Carlton Park

Jamie Chan, Leica, Travel Blog, Melbourne, carlton park, basketball

Basketball in the park

It’s almost 1am here and I am not sure if half of what I wrote even made sense but I thought I owe some of my friends an apology for missing their birthday party again.

I am fine and will be even better once I finish curating some hundred odd images for an exhibition by tomorrow…
In the mean time, take care everyone(:

Jamie Chan, Leica, Travel Blog, Melbourne, photo editing, curating

Prints. Prints everywhere…

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