My Shanghai Story with Spring Airlines: 行 (Transport)

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I was invited by Spring Airlines to find out My Shanghai Story along with a bunch of other bloggers to a cold and rainy Shanghai.

For every great city, it is always important to have an efficient transport system to get you from point A to point B.
I did not have time to try the bus system but these are what I took to get around the city.

Transport: The Metro

Spring Airlines, Jamie Chan, Leica, Shanghai, transport, train

Lady on the metro

In Shanghai, it is really easy to get around thanks to the comprehensive train system which covers quite a bit of ground. Each cabins are clean with ample of standing and sitting space while recorded messages tells you the next station in English, Mandarin and Shanghainese.

In total, the Metro has 14 lines with 329 stations and an operating route length of 538KM; making it one of the longest in the world.
Fare prices are based on distance with a base starting fee of 3 Yuan (0.6 SGD) and goes up to a maximum of 15 Yuan (3 SGD).


Spring Airlines, Jamie Chan, Leica, Shanghai, taxi, transport

Taxi on the move

With over 45, 000 taxis operated by 150 taxi companies, hop on to a taxi for a quicker way to get to your destination.
Taxis in Shanghai are metered and if you are sharing a taxi with some 4 other people, it might actually turn out to be about the same price as the Metro.

I visited Shanghai some 10 years back when I was a kid and I can recall the insane drivers that tried their best to run over everyone in sight.
A taxi driver even told me that there are traffic accidents everyday and it does not really bother them as long as their car still works and that they send the person they hit to the hospital…

I am glad to report that although the drivers on the road in general still drive like maniacs, I did not witness any accidents nor got hit while I was there.


Spring Airlines, Jamie Chan, Leica, Shanghai, bicycle, transport

Cycling in the French Concession

I try to cycle whenever I can as it is such a fun way to explore a new area.
In cooperation with a local bike company –Forever, there are bike share stands all around the city.

You would need to bring your passport to register for a swipe card to take the bikes out for a ride.

 Bike Card Registration: Xujiahui: 1068 Zhaojiabang Lu, near Huashan Lu 肇嘉浜路1068号, 近华山路; French Concession: 393A Wukang Lu 武康路393A号,进泰安路
They open from 9.30am to 4.30pm

Phone: Bike Card Registration: +86 21 400 820 1898

Cost: minimum RMB 100 in credit; RMB 4/hour plus RMB 300 deposit

Ignoring the cars that tried to run me down, I enjoyed cycling around the French Concession area where the traffic is not as heavy as the rest of the roads.


Spring Airlines, Jamie Chan, Leica, Shanghai, Walk

Get a good pair of walking shoes and….. fall in love

Lastly, walk!
It rained a lot while I was there but I managed to walk and covered a lot of grounds with my shoes.
Take in the city air and enjoy the walk(:

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