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From The Streets Of Singapore: Joo Chiat

img 0131 From The Streets Of Singapore: Joo Chiat Jamie Chan

Joo Chiat coffee shop

I make it a point to shoot alongside my students when I am teaching them.
The topic for today is street photography which is something I really enjoy doing. Being invisible, and as David Gibson puts it, ‘looking for luck.’ Street photography is all about photographing the mundane and making it interesting.

I tried to look at the world in monochrome today and I really don’t think I am the next Ansel Adams…
So I guess I’ll just stick to colour next week >.>

I am also supposed to show one of my personal projects to the students next week! I’m torn between showing a new essay that I made in Thailand and some shorter ones that I made in Indonesia. Or I could show Thaipusam which everyone is probably sick of

Images were made along Joo Chiat and shot on my trusty ol’ Canon G9.

I’m so good with captions.

Before I end off, I’ll like to give a quick shot out to my pal, Zinkie! Who won 3rd place in the Urban Moments contest! *clap clap clap* To Mike for getting the Distinction award(: *clap clap clap*
And hello to Ck and Alvin whom I met at the event(:

Crazy week ahead and I really got to lay off the ice creams and cakes >.<

img 0109 From The Streets Of Singapore: Joo Chiat Jamie Chan

Watch your weight!

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  1. loved reading your blog today – and loved the street photography especially the coffe shop picture – something about the way the guy is framed among the pots and pans.

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