>Happy national day!!!

> Kiyomi and Chiriko<333 The color is pretty out of whack but I shall fix it once I find the time! Well first of all, its been almost a week since I blogged about anything and I must say I am pretty excited about this post! This is […]

>Hello passing days

> Pixel collage work:3 I am really proud of this of all the four assignments I did but my lecturer does not like it one bit T_T I had a pretty epic Friday. as usual Anyways, the dinner was good:3 Salmon as the main course with wine is […]

>The girl looking into me.

> This picture shall be a teaser for the styling that I will be doing for still life. The dress is awesome and so elaborate that I have no regrets whatsoever. In fact, I am considering selling away my Kira outfit as it is too plain. Ah wells. […]

First Post 8D

Alrights. So this is my first post with wordpress 8D This photo blog will mostly be on stories I find or on my doll’s photo shoot. aka picture dumping site I chose not to go back to blogger as I have been hearing lots of sparkling stuff about wordpress […]

>And she smiled again(:

> Its not one of the most memorable day today as I did not really accomplished much and stuff happened leaving me really drained as usual. I had no energy to get out and shoot so I did up my sales thread and shot the sales photos. I […]


> ITS A SUNDAY!!!! Yessu people the week flew by yet again. I swear, this has to be the fastest ever year for me and we are already approaching a quarter of the year! I predict this post will be pretty cluttered filled with lots of self portraits […]

>Its a happy day

>Reviewed my thaipusam shots today and they were not too bad considering the fact that it was my first time in such an event! I was squirming when I looked at my images and I really can’t believed that I actually took those shots>.> It was seriously a […]


>30th of January is over!!!! I really made used of every hour of this day and it is a really memorable one for me! I will be posting the images I shot over the next week and on my deviant art so do look out for it! When […]