Tisha With The Leica 50mm APO Summicron

Leica M240 APO Summicron 50mm

I had the chance to work with Tisha recently as much as I rarely shoot fashion/ work with models.

I know that in the fashion industry, most of the images are ‘photoshop-ed’ to smoothen the skin; enlarge the eyes and all things re-touchy.
The industry is poisoning our minds; that women have to look a certain way and I hate that. Especially since I used re-touch for fashion magazines where the editor would draw giant red circles on ‘body parts’ he wanted me to edit even when the model looked fantastic in my opinion.
And yes I am no longer doing re-touching for fashion magazines.

I think Tisha is really pretty so this is what it is.

Images shot on the Leica M240 with the Leica 50mm APO Summicron. yes the APO (:

Leica M240 APO Summicron 50mm christmas

Pretty Christmas lights at the back

It is said that we raised a generation with the idea that they should look like match sticks.
In the fashion world, I am probably obese and need liposuction especially since I eat like every meal is my last.

In any case, celebrate beauty and definitely, love your body(:

Leica M240 APO Summicron 50mm model fashion

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