Mathias Heng: The Art Of Seeing And Ways Of Approach


Mathias Heng

The Art of Seeing and Ways of Approach is a Leica Akadamie workshop conducted by Mathias Heng.
I tagged along for the workshop and had fun looking at the surprised faces of participants as they watched the way Mathias work around his subject.

It was a nice refresher course for me as I watched how he approached people and worked on getting ‘close enough’ with just a 35mm.
Approaching people on the streets takes a lot of courage and confidence but honestly; what is the worst that could happen?

Leica, Mathias Heng, Singapore

After all, Mat is best friends with the next random person sitting on the floor.

Mathias heng, Leica Workshop
Anyways here are my images with the Leica M-E and the 35mm Summilux.


Jamie Chan, No Foreign Lands, Singapore, Little India, Barber

JSH Exhibition

Before I forget, I’ll like to thank those who took time off to visit my group exhibition – From Then on; Deanna, our curator; NAC; Objectifs, and the Junior Shooting Home participants.

Perhaps sometime soon, I’ll have my solo show(:


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