Singapore Night Festival 2013

Singapore Night Festival 2013, Lights, National MuseumSingapore Night Festival 2013

A couple of weeks ago was the Singapore Night Festival 2013; a spectacular showcase of music and the arts. There were plenty of free performances, light shows, art installations and you even get to enjoy free entry to the museum’s exhibition during that weekend.

I’m a little late but here are the images I made during the festival!


Singapore Night Festival 2013

Charlie Lim

One of my favourite local artist in Singapore has to be Charlie Lim.
His music is really addictive and is definitely an artist I’ll love to work with in the future.

ASEAN Youth Cultural Camp 2013

The festival also featured the ASEAN Youth Cultural Camp 2013 performance.
I was one of the Singapore delegate during the 2011 camp in Indonesia which was why I was really excited to meet this year’s participants.
It still never fails to amaze me how we can be so different yet have cultural crossovers and as one, produce amazing art that is uniquely ASEAN.

Ending off with my favourite tu-la-lit dizi player on the right, Qing Lun and the two other friends I met during the ASEAN performance.
Take care everyone(:


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    • Thank You!
      Yes, I’ll probably do a review of the M-E when I find the time. Its been almost 6 months since I first got the camera and I must say I love it more each day!

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