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The Fellowship Of Women

Baby shot on a Leica M-E by Jamie Chan

Little pouty Jayden

The Fellowship Of Women

Jayden is my youngest cousin whom I met a few weeks ago when he was just 2 days old.
He definitely changed my perception of new-born babies given that I have not seen one up close who is just a couple of days old.
I honestly thought that babies were much bigger when born but they are actually really tiny!

One thing is for sure: that I have no maternal instincts whatsoever.
I didn’t carry him as I was terrified; I felt like I would either break his neck or drop him on the floor.
I mean if I break the neck of a twin at least there is one more as a replacement..

I felt extremely useless when he started crying as my aunts immediately took charge and helped the new mother out.
While I stood at the side and wondered how something so small and fragile could wiggle his arms, while crying at the top of his voice.
That such a small tiny creature is alive!

I did however, enjoy an intimate setting ruled by women as my aunts and mum took turns giving tips to the new mother, carrying and fussing over the baby.

I guess photography is my way of making sense of the chaos, love and fragility that was unfolding around me.  It was a really beautiful moment to see how my aunts tried talking to the baby to get him to sleep. I am really fortunate to work with the Leica M-E as I managed to witness the tender moments of breastfeeding.

Funny enough, my aunt asked if I was interested in having a child in the future.
Given that I managed to kill my virtual plant twice, a baby?
Not anytime soon…

New born baby shot on a Leica M-E by Jamie Chan

Look how tiny he is!

baby Leica M-E Jamie Chan

A hungry baby is an angry baby

Baby shot on a Leica M-E by Jamie Chan


Baby shot on a Leica M-E by Jamie Chan, Fellowship Of Women

Really tiny hands…

Baby shot on a Leica M-E by Jamie Chan. Fellowship Of Women

Cutting the baby’s nails for the first time

Baby shot on a Leica M-E by Jamie Chan. Fellowship Of Women

Go to sleep little one!

baby leica M-E Jamie Chan


I also brought my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Riko along when we visited the baby.
He was extremely excited and went about his new role as a supervisor, poking his nose everywhere his little paws take him; from cooking a meal to getting the milk ready for the baby.

He is such a gentle and curious dog who loves people and children; something his breed is famous for.


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