>Singing in the rain. Shower

> A couple of months back, I received an email from TKK. Besides the bulk of her email which consist of her usual glamourous life with her thousands of lovers, she added that she spent a ridiculously huge amount of money I shall not disclose the amount but it’s […]

>A rush of the wind.

> Here I am on a Saturday afternoon with Bob Dylan on my playlist reflecting like an old woman when I should really be starting on either my freelance stuff or school work. My partial topic for today shall be about changes. Just like the wind that comes […]

>A noisy opening(:

> Image credit to the awesome Zinkie<3333 I went down to the NOISE opening yesterday which is kind of like a platform for artist to show our works. One of my work got featured from the Open Category Submission. The exhibition will run till the 7th of March […]

>A date with Eric Clapton

> 14th of February 2011 marks the best Valentines Day I had ever. Eric Clapton’s concert was simply amazing! I mean he is some 66 years old this year but he probably have a much better stamina than I have.Besides the occasional mention of his band member’s name […]

>Just a little more

> Considering how badly I screwed fashion photography, I was approached by one of my seniors to help with her fashion shoots. Possible sleepless nights aside, I said yes. Despite the fact that I did not really enjoy fashion, I feel that I can definitely do a lot […]

>For the love of filth.

> So as mentioned in my last post, I am a Chinese.Being a Chinese, we dread do something called spring cleaning every year. Literately, cleaning your house in spring. Or in this case, my room.Actually normal Chinese spread this cleaning day over a few weeks while I prefer […]

>Lonely in the rain.

> Fashion photography is over! I was pretty worried about my images but I guess my editing skills kind of made up for it. In the end, although my images look more like some pre-wedding shots, I don’t exactly feel like hiding in a hole. In conclusion, it’s […]

>The guy with the master left eye

> I am still recovering from last week’s string of never-ending events whereby I got little and close to no sleep at all.So here is a post to make up for last week and probably this week:3On a different note, check out my photoblog and my LFI Gallery for my Thaipusam images. […]