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Melbourne: Many Shades Of Blue

Melbourne, St Kilda, Setting sun

There is no blue without yellow and without orange.

Vincent van Gogh

While Singapore was suffering from the worst haze in history, I was in Australia enjoying the beautiful winter weather and everything blue.
This really made me appreciate the beauty of nature and the air I breathe.

Blue Skies, Melbourne, Australia, No Foreign Lands

Blue skies, Melbourne, Australia

I was very fortunate to chance upon the Sea Shepherd conservation society while driving around Williamstown in which I saw the SSS Steve Irwin.
Seeing Steve Irwin’s name on a ship really brings back fond memories of how I spend every evening at 6 pm sitting in front of the television watching his programs.
He was one of my childhood heroes and I was devastated by the news of his death.

Among the things he taught me, one resonated with me the most and that is ‘If you touch an animal, the animal will touch your heart.’

Although I don’t agree with everything they do, the fact is the Sea Shepherd is getting things done instead of sitting around talking about it. So for those who have no idea, do have a look at their website. In the end, perhaps this is really what we need to protect animals, our blue skies and the air we breathe.
More action instead of words.

Unless we do something quickly about teaching kids about our dying animals, there isn’t going to be much left, if anything, for the generations that follow.
Steve Irwin

Sunset st kilda, Melbourne, Australia

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