Melbourne: Night Stars

Stars, Melbourne, Australia, Blue skies, Jamie Chan, Blogger, Photographer, Leica The blue hour is one of my favourite times to photograph as the sky gets very blue and it is an absolute joy to photograph especially if you are obsessed with blue like I am.
This only happens for a short period after the golden hour and normally stays for less than an hour before the sky loses that intense coloration.

I barely made the shot as I had no time to set up my tripod so I set my shutter speed to 1/2 a second and made sure my hands were steady despite the wind trying to blow me away.

Blue skies, stars, blue hour, melbourne, australia, Jamie Chan, No Foreign Lands, Leica, Photographer

Stars came out to play

I was very fascinated with stars while I was in Australia as I can actually see them even when I am in the city!
But it was the stars in the countryside that I love the most as they are the most beautiful.

Once again, my tripod was nowhere to be found and I did not stay long as I was next to an ocean; you do not want to be next to an ocean at night in Australia during winter because you can’t feel your face after five minutes.
So 8 seconds and a Hail Mary later, I captured somewhat of a galaxy? Or at least that was what I saw on that crazy cold night next to the ocean.

Galaxy, Stars, Outback Melbourne, Australia, Jamie Chan, Travel Blogger, Leica

The milky way perhaps?

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