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Melbourne: Day Out With The Wolf

lupo the wolf

Day Out With The Wolf

Williamstown is one of my favourite part of Melbourne.
It features beautiful stretches of sand, is near the sea and home to killer fish and chips!
(try Ocean Breeze Fish and Chips: 324 Melbourne Rd, Newport, VIC, 3015)
The last time I was there, it was winter and the sky had a really intense shade of blue.

This time, and I went to visit according to the bear a tourist attraction.
The wolf of Williamstown, Lupo and his owner Vincent.

Lupo is an amazingly beautiful black German Shepard and boy is he strong.
You probably don’t get that much exercise cycling with him since he kind of pulls you along…
Like all dogs, he really enjoys the outdoors and what better place then to frolic around the dog beaches of Williamstown.

Someone once mentioned to me that I probably like and am more comfortable around animals than humans.
With beauties like Lupo, it is hard to counter that statement.

Wolf, Lupo, German Shepard

Are we leaving now?

Wolf and the bikes

Happy Lupo with the bikes


Lupo and Vince


Playing fetch


Which turns into tug of war


The wolf with the bear

Its been a while since I did an actual blog post of anything or am active on cyberspace.
Life has been pretty intense of late with decisions to make, essays to write, research and lots of projects to work on.
I find myself praying to whichever God there is out there that everything will work out; or rather for wisdom that I make the right choices and for peace in my heart that I will stop worrying.
Yes, I am a pescatarian atheist that prays… Even I find myself weird half the time.

Sometimes I really wish there was a ‘guidebook to life’ to give you a black and white of what to do when you are lost.
But I guess that would make me a robot if I am given a set of instructions as to how to react when certain situations happen…

Counting down to the change that will happen but I believe it will be a good change; for both my personal growth and my craft.

Exciting times ahead!

Bonus random image:


I found a Jellyfish on the beach! *cues fascination*

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  1. Ha, I felt the urge to sit and pray recently, too. Sometimes a long walk just is not enough to get one’s mind settled … and I never said God would not be a very comforting idea 😉

    On the other hand, there’s some comfort in that about-to-dry-away jellyfish as well. It’s all part of nature’s big cycle 🙂

    • How have you been Ruben!
      God is a comforting idea that someone would magically solve your problems for you and tell you what to do in times of trouble.
      In the end, it is still up to you to take that first step out as god can only do so much.

      Yes its weird how I stared at the jellyfish for a long while.
      Beauty in death I suppose…

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