Birthday Reflections 2014: Schrödinger’s Cat

Jamie Chan, Leica photographer, Blogger at No Foreign Lands
Writing Wednesday continues next week as I would like to reflect and ramble a little on today’s Wednesday post.

Time flies when you are having fun; I honestly did not even notice until the 4th of November that it was to be my Birthday on the 5th.
A lot has changed since last year and the only way I can describe everything would be Schrödinger’s Cat.

Erwin Schrödinger was an Austrian Quantum Physicist who devised a hypothetical experiment in which a cat was placed in a sealed box along with a radioactive sample, a Geiger counter and a bottle of poison.
The experiment goes that if the Geiger counter detects that the radioactive material has decayed, it will trigger the smashing of the bottle of poison and the cat will be killed.
However, because we cannot see if the radioactive material has decayed and released the poison thus killing the cat, the cat is thought to be both alive and dead until the box is opened.

The point being, you have to open the box to find out if the cat is alive or dead!
You will never know what might happen unless you find out for yourself and I am really glad I took that leap of faith and ‘opened the box’ this year.

I’m still struggling to find the cat but I am certain of one thing; even if I can’t see the cat, I can feel its presence in the darkness and I am not about to pronounce it dead.

Jamie Chan, Leica photographer, Blogger at No Foreign Lands. From Singapore, Based in Melbourne

It has been one crazy year so far and it is about to get crazier in December where one of my project will take me to India!
I am really excited for the trip and I will share more when I can.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes from everywhere in the world.

Here is to another year of Forever 21!

Jamie Chan, Leica photographer, Blogger at No Foreign Lands. From Singapore, Based in Melbourne

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  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a good day, made a wish and that wish will come true 😀 Yes, time does fly when you are having fun – we’re lost in the moment and totally engrossed in what’s happening around us. That’s when we’re truly living in the moment. Best of luck with India. Sounds very exciting, I’m very excited for you 🙂

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