Mornington Road Trip: Chasing The Blues

australia, Mornington, fishing

Road trips are one of my favorite things to do while in Melbourne, Australia.
Driving by the vast amount of land, there is so much beauty Australia has to offer and you have no idea what you will come across at the next turn.
Wherever I go, I am really fortunate to have incredible shades of blue following me around.

These images were taken in Mornington on the way to the Peninsula Hot Springs; which I highly recommend paying a visit if you are in Melbourne.
We took a break from driving and stopped by a quaint little scene of men fishing while the women sat by and had a little picnic surrounded by beautiful cliff faces and the different colours of nature.

I almost got dragged out by the ocean while shooting as the waves got really high; while it is probably not too much of a surprise that my first instinct was to protect my Leica rather than myself…

Australia Ocean Picnic Leica Jamie Chan, mornington

Picnic by the sea

Australia ocean leica fishing

Fishing by the rocks

australia ocean leica, mornington, fishing

There goes the waves!

Australia Leica Ocean Jamie Chan

The bear in his natural environment

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