Melbourne: The Great Ocean Road Drive


Just a week ago, I was a passenger in the car while Tony Marin drove almost 3 hours out of Melbourne to breathe in the fresh ocean air and visit some rocks the Twelve Apostles!
I’ve heard so much about how beautiful and picturesque the Great Ocean Road is so you can guess who was really looking forward to the trip!


Little cows dot the scenery


Beautiful light and clouds at the Colac Lake


After 2 hours of driving through winding roads, the ocean is a welcoming sight!


Really strong waves and wind at Apollo Bay


Pretty Sunset at the bay

We stayed overnight at Apollo Bay and had one of the most amazing seafood at a place called La Bimba.
Prices are pretty steep but the food was really worth it!

The next day, we headed down to where the Twelve Apostles are.

Ocean, Great ocean road, drive, roadtrip, Melbourne Australia, Jamie Chan

Tourists on the beach


The Twelve Apostles! Or at least four and a half of them.

Great Ocean Road, 12 apostles, Jamie Chan, Ocean. Rocks

It was a beautiful day to look at the rocks apostles.

Landscape Photography, Jamie Chan, Great Ocean Road

Rocks Apostles at eye level

All images are made on the Leica ME and 35mm Summilux.
I honestly cannot be happier with my gear setup as it was such a joy not to lug giant cameras and a tripod along in order to get my shots.

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