Melbourne: Hello From Down Under


Plane to Down Under!

I’ve been in Melbourne for nearly a week now.
I finally took a break from work and am enjoying every single day of it.
I am very fortunate to be crashing at Tony Marin’s place. He is a photographer I met in Singapore and can really cook up a good meal<3
He specialises in wedding photojournalism so if you guys want something different from your usual cheesy wedding photos; take a look at his work and give him a ring.

Melbourne Tram

First day in the tram looking really tired thanks to a screaming kid on my 7.5 hour flight.
Image by Tony Marin

Blessed with the amazing winter weather; the food here is just amazingly delicious with a delicious price to match…
There are little cafes everywhere and the people here are really friendly; have I talked about the amazing winter light?
The Leica’s colour really shines here as this place is so beautiful to photograph.

Carlton Gardens, Australia, Melbourne

Carlton Gardens against the beautiful sky and a bit of the moon

Flinders Station, Melbourne, Australia

Flinders Station

One of the main things I wanted to see:

Melbourne Aquarium


Yes, I know we get penguins back in Singapore too. But who can resist the beauty and grace of a penguin swimming underwater at the Melbourne Aquarium?
They even gave me a bit of a discount on my ticket which is a huge bonus point on the ‘enjoyment meter’ for me<3

Penguins, Australia Aquarium L9997632


So fluffy!


Love this little poser


Beautiful weedy seadragon

I also took some time to catch up with some of my friends living/ holidaying here.
The world just seems so much smaller when you know people living in a place and they show you the best places instead of all the touristy spots.


Testing out his really old 50mm Summilux.

St Kilda, Leica, Melbourne, Australia

Beautiful Christiane at St Kilda

I am getting really spoiled here which is a good thing as we should all treat ourselves once in a while.
Yes, I still get lost half the time but good lord. The difference between getting lost in an English speaking country as compared to well; almost everywhere else I’ve been to.
Google maps has been kind to me as well.

I was really fortunate to leave Singapore the moment the haze hit the country.
I know a lot of people and even my dog is suffering from the haze as I look at pictures of Singapore looking like it’s just been hit by a nuclear bomb or something; it really makes me appreciate and grateful for the beautiful air and clear blue skies here.
Hopefully, the haze blows over by the time I get back next week.
In the meantime take care everyone; drink lots of water and wear a mask if you are in Singapore and I’ll blog again soon.

Carlton Gardens, Melbourne, Light, Leica M-E

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