Melbourne: The Great Ocean Road Drive 2014

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I visited the Great Ocean Road last year and really enjoyed the ocean spray that threatened to induce hyperthermia while I was at the shoreline.
I went back again this year and the beauty of the ocean never fails to amaze me.


Great Ocean Road

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Gorgeous Sand Line

Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, Explore Victoria, Waves, Shoreline, No Foreign Lands, Travel Blogger, Jamie Chan

Angry Waves

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Angry Clouds

I stopped by one of the most popular waterfalls along the way, The Erskine Falls.


The Erskine Falls

It was a short walk from the car park to the falls.
By short walk I mean if you decide to make your way through the long grass and walk on the road for a bit, it will be a short walk.

If you decide to ‘follow the rules’ and walk on the actual path as indicated on the map, well it will test your fitness level and I was not very fit…

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Part of the path to the Erskine Waterfall

After the scenic walk, in which you will either be cursing Mother Nature or swearing at the wind, you will come to a cross-road.
The left one will take you to the top of the waterfalls while the right will bring you right to the base of it.

I was too tired to make it to the top so I stayed at the base of the falls.
The air was really fresh this deep in the forest and it made the trek worth it.

The Erskine Falls is at:
Erskine Falls RoadLorne, Victoria 3232Australia

Lorne, Great ocean Road, Melbourne, Erskine Waterfalls, Jamie Chan, Leica, No Foreign Lands

I look really tiny here!

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