Melbourne: The Great Ocean Road Part 2

L9997861Part 2 of the Great Ocean Road Drive with Marin and this time, enough of landscapes and oceans.
Read Part 1 here

Here are some of the animals I met during the drive!


Yes, it is that cold.

I was honestly really excited when I heard you can see koalas near the Cape Otway Lightstation; which is a very old lighthouse along the Great Ocean Road.
The koalas were everywhere and it is a nice change to see them it the wild!
Prior to this, my impression of a koala is that it is a cuddly grey marsupial that carried its baby on its back.
And I guessed this impression changed.

A koala is a fat lazy grey thing that finds a space in the tree to park its butt before falling asleep.
They will only wake up when they are hungry…

koalas, great ocean road, cute

Sleepy fat grey thing :/

How can we forget the lovable creatures that fly around to terrorize you?

Besides the wildlife, constructions are going on to widen the roads to accommodate more tourist.


The last image is one of my favourite and saddest.
When will we be happy with what we have?

The earth has music for those who listen. George Santayana


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