Melbourne: The Great Ocean Road Part 3


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More from the Great Ocean Road!
The thing about shooting with a Leica is that you don’t just pass your camera to the next tourist you see, teach them how to focus and then ask them to help take a photo for you.

Since I am always behind the camera, I really welcome the change!

Jamie Chan, great ocean Road, Melbourne Australia

Touristy Shot!

Jamie Chan, Great Ocean Road, Melbourne Australia

During the trip, Marin decided that a 13-degree weather is perfect for swimming at the Gibson steps.
And so he did.


What else can I say besides that it is bloody freezing


The bear in his natural environment

A bit more of the pretty landscapes during the drive.

I’ve updated a few images on my website so do have a look and let me know what do you think.

In the meantime, take care everyone; more images from Australia to come!

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