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Ball-Jointed Doll: Every Girl & Dollheart


Every girl deserves something from Dollheart; especially the Fers.
Simply because they are exquisitely made and looks so good on the doll.

This is Kiyomi, a Domuya Faith enjoying her Antique Lace Fer. (Kiyo is a SD16 and the Fer is a snug fit but it works.)

Domuya Faith, Dollheart antique lace fer, portrait

Its been a while since any of my girls seen the light as I simply got too busy to fuss about them. Then again, it is always a nice workout to take them out; dress them up; admire and photograph their beauty once in a while as they remind me of why I do photography in the first place.

Before I forget, every human lady should pamper herself and get something from Pandora as their jewellery are really pretty. Christmas wish list

Dollheart, Domuya Faith, Antique Lace fer

Thank you Mumsy for the 21st b-day present!

Of course, the dog has to make an appearance:


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