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Monochrome Challenge Day 6

Here is Day 6 of the Black and White Challenge. Wait what?

Yes, the challenge was suppose to be 5 days of black and white images but I was looking through my hard disk and found this image:

BJD, Luts baby bier Taffy, Jamie Chan, The doll Affair, blue, No Foreign Lands

Chiriko. To be fair to my last post, there is colour in this one!

If I had to choose a ‘first’ image that started everything, this would be it.

I remember getting 2nd place in my first competition with this image and having Thai sweet and sour fish after the event with two of my favourite people.
It was a very surreal feeling to even get into the top 10 of the competition as I was barely 6 months into photography and still shooting my fair share of flowers.

Fun fact: If I recall, the 1st prize winner was Jamie Chan.
She is the 3rd photographer I know who has the same first and last name as I do…

After which, I began to look at Steve McCurry’s images of Afghanistan which led me to this image:

Jamie Chan, BJDs, Black and White, Domuya Faith, Dolls, Photography, Blogger


Kiyomi is a Domuya Faith and probably one of the last few since Domuya closed which is such a pity as they sculpt really gorgeous dolls.

If all goes well, tomorrow’s Writing Wednesday will be on Wax Seals; my essential for all out-going letters.
Keep a look out for it(:

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*For more details on the ball-jointed dolls, you can have a look at my Dolls Page or feel free to ask me questions.

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