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From The Streets Of Singapore: Mamiya 645

Mamiya 645, camera, street

Before I start, I’ll just like to wish Singapore a Happy Birthday(:

I decided against editing images today and went out for a short walk on the streets before my next shoot.
I played with the Mamiya 645 AF3 and the Phase One P30+ digital back while I was at it and I see why so many people like to shoot with a medium format.
The dynamic range is just incredible! Even though I overexposed by more than 2 stops, I could ‘save the file’ and still get details out of it! Nuts!

Just that this camera is not really meant for the streets as it is really loud, bulky, obvious and don’t get me started on the glorious ISO >.>

In any case, I have an exhibition coming up on the 24th of August! It’s an exhibition on the LGBT community and I just wrapped up the shoot yesterday!
I’ll let you guys have a preview of it once I’ve actually reviewed the images myself. So many things to do, so little time and money

Stay safe and dry my dear friends in the Philippines!

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