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Monochrome Challenge Day 5

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Day 5 of the Black and White Challenge marks the end of it! *fireworks*

This last image is from Singapore where the light caught my attention just as the sweeper arched his back.
It was one of those ‘lucky shots’ as the next moment, the light was gone and the sweeper walked away…

I agonised over this challenge because I rarely ever shoot black and white; possibly twice a year.
Some will argue that black and white is easier to shoot than colour because there are no distractions blablabla…
But I love colours and simply can’t imagine a world without them!

Now that this challenge is over, it is time to re-populate my blog with colour; for those following my Instagram feed, you will know that I recently spent time in South Australia and had a blast photographing the gorgeous Australian landscape.
Expect colourful images next!

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  1. I love colour over BW too. To me, colour brings with it feelings of life, energy and enthusiasm. That’s why I love putting vivid colourful photos on my blog. Another reason I prefer to shoot in colour is because I can always turn the photo into BW during the editing process. This is a good BW photo – the dark and light parts don’t overwhelm each other. Great shot 🙂

  2. I think that you did quite well with this shot. I strongly identify with that semi-hidden away urban setting. In fact, it reminds me of this one that I made:

    It’s part of this photo essay:

    I don’t mind if you edit out the links.

    I have to disagree with those who say that shooting B/W is easier than shooting colour. I love both colour and B/W, and shoot B/W quite often but I find it an incredible challenge to capture something in B/W in which the subject matter can still have a profound impact on the colour-oriented world.

    • Thank you for sharing and visiting my blog!

      It all boils down to how interesting the subject is!
      If it does not catch my attention, it does not matter if it is in colour of B/W!

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