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Monochrome Challenge Day 4

Tradition Taoist Funeral, Singapore, blog, Photography, Leica, Jamie Chan, Black and white, hooded women
Day 4 of the Black and White Challenge.

This image is part of a series for a recent work of mine photographing a traditional Taoist Funeral in Singapore.
My Uncle passed away and I was invited by the family to witness a beautiful Taoist funeral ritual that is hardly seen these days.
It is elaborate, intriguing and every part of the ritual tells a story of the circle of life.

These days, life seems to fly with no intention to slow down; October is almost gone and soon I will turn 22.
People always talk to me about the ‘5 years plan’ and ask me what is mine. To be honest, I haven’t got a clue.
I’m just making it up as I go and it is scary and so hard.

One day, I will probably turn to ash or be fertilisers for flowers in this circle of life.
What can I say? I am terrified but Carpe Diem.
I’ll make the most out of everything.

Also, an image that never made it to the final cut:

Taoist funeral, Singapore, documentary, jamie chan, blog, photography, leica, monochrome, hooded women

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  1. You have accomplished quite a bit for just turning 22. By the way 22 is a power number in numerology. You are very talented and I am sure that your photos will take you around the world and will create a fulfilling plan for your life.

  2. This interesting scene is certainly very effective in black and white. Sorry to hear of the loss of your uncle, though.

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