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Monochrome Challenge Day 3

Singapore Election, Workers Party, Monochrome, Masses, Jamie ChanDay 3 of the Black and White Challenge.

Today’s image is from the Singapore General Election 2011.
This is one of the shoots where I wish I could have pushed harder.

It was for my narrative photography class and the election came at the perfect time for me to document it.
I had the grand idea of a multi-media but I’ve never done one before; let alone execute it by myself.
Which means I had a less than a month to figure out how to shoot stills, moving images, manage sound and edit the piece while keeping the story in mind.
All this plus a terrible fever confining me to bed for almost a week and juggling another module at school.

Yes, I had no concept of ratio back then and I am still not particularly proud of the final work as I wish I could had done more/ shot better.
Looking back, it was really challenging and I was taking on a huge subject by myself but I guess I did what I could within the constraints I had.

I can’t wait for the next election!

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