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A Mini Doll Meet

img 2219 A Mini Doll Meet Jamie Chan

I had my first mini doll meet in ages last Sunday with two of the older generation doll owners Roy and Steph.
As the Chinese saying goes: 长江后浪推前浪 前浪死在沙滩上.
Which roughly translate as (in the context of a river) the new wave will push the old wave and the old wave will die on the shore.
yea I am that good in translating.

In any case, it has been about 5 years since the three of us got into this hobby! Which is considered pretty old as the community in Singapore is still new and growing.

img 5614 A Mini Doll Meet Jamie Chan

Roy and Steph<3

One of the most common questions I get, believe it or not is: So what on earth do you do at doll meets?

My first answer to that question is that, no we do not watch our dolls communicate with each other. Neither do we sit in a circle, light a fire, talk in dolly voice, chant some magical incantations and raise Chucky’s army.

We get together because we love dolls.
Its like when stamp collectors gather to exchange stamps, music lovers gather for a concert, chess players gather to admire chess pieces, train spotters gather to take the train from the start to the end of the line and *insert hobby’s name* gather for the love of the hobby.
In other words, a gathering of like minded people doing what like minded people do. We talk.

Obviously some of the topics of our conversation would be about the latest doll we fell in love with, how bloody expensive this hobby is but the bottom line is that we are normal, sane people. Friends who talk about our life over tea/ dinner/ desserts and the dolls just gives us an excuse to dress our best and meet each other.

There is certainly an element of ‘showing off’ in meets.
At least for my girls, I am set on them wearing only the best before I step out of the house. I am sure dolls owners can relate to the hours they spend picking an outfit and styling their dolls before a meet.

Each doll reflects a different aspect of an owner’s personality and it is always interesting to look at how different a doll can be even though they are the same sculpt.
In a way, the dolls are able to live the stories that only happens in fairy tails which is why some owners create an entire back story for their doll and it is always fascinating to read them.

Sure, we do get awkward stares, hilarious reactions from the public and hisses of ‘good lord, is that Chucky???’ but thats all part of holding a doll meet.

For doll owners reading this, I’d love to know what do you guys do when you meet up!

In the meantime, here are the dolls in attendance:

img 5607 A Mini Doll Meet Jamie Chan

Echo, Latidoll Blue Yern.
Owner: Steph

img 5608 A Mini Doll Meet Jamie Chan

Ian, DoD Tender Lahoo
Owner: Roy

img 5609 A Mini Doll Meet Jamie Chan

Anya, Dal Angelic Pretty
Owner: Roy

Of course, I conveniently forgot to take pictures of my own girls…
But anyway, my biggest girl is Kiyomi, a Domuya Faith.
The smaller one is Chiriko, a Luts Baby Brier Taffy
And the one with the biggest head is Merl, Whispering Island Pullip.

Here’s hoping that the next doll meet I organize will have more dolls in attendance(:

doll meet, group photo

The  obligatory group photo

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