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>An update 8D

> S90. Don’t you love a compact which can shoot at ISO 1600? Its been a while again>.< I had been busy watching House. House is currently my newest obsession/ productivity killer favorite drama which is worse off than me watching anime as each episode is around 40 minutes. Times […]

>Oh Hazy Days.

> Even the bird is flying away T_T For those who read the news, yes. There had been a blanket of grey over Singapore for the past week driving my eyes nuts. No haze(: With the haze… Note the cranes. I went out to Mulligans with S and […]

>Where the lost ones go.

> Its just about another week and a half before my school holiday ends and now that I finally have some time on hand to reflect, I really wonder what have I done so far during the holidays. Well for starters, I finally wrapped up my kindergarten shoot. […]

>Happy national day!!!

> Kiyomi and Chiriko<333 The color is pretty out of whack but I shall fix it once I find the time! Well first of all, its been almost a week since I blogged about anything and I must say I am pretty excited about this post! This is […]

First Post 8D

Alrights. So this is my first post with wordpress 8D This photo blog will mostly be on stories I find or on my doll’s photo shoot. aka picture dumping site I chose not to go back to blogger as I have been hearing lots of sparkling stuff about wordpress […]


> ITS A SUNDAY!!!! Yessu people the week flew by yet again. I swear, this has to be the fastest ever year for me and we are already approaching a quarter of the year! I predict this post will be pretty cluttered filled with lots of self portraits […]