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Who’ll stop the rain?

The Junior Shooting Home opening exhibition is over and till now, it still feels like a dream to see my works up on the panels. Just last year, I promised myself that I will be part of a group or solo exhibition before I graduate and I did […]

Keeping it real

It’s been awhile since my last post. I had an unofficial hiatus for almost more than a month so I’m sorry for those who were waiting for something exciting or happy to happen in my life. There were definitely fleeting happy moments but I still can’t get that […]

>Attack of the strings

> I went down to a few guitar stores a few weeks back to take a look at some really pretty sounding guitars. My goal was to flush out a sound that I really liked as I knew nuts about guitar. In a way, selecting my cello was […]

>A closure

> I had not been really active on the cyber space again due to my insane schedule last week.Most of the events that happened deserves a post of their own due to the images that go along with it so here is a preview/ run down on my […]

>Striking off the Pro

> As you know, I am having a hell of a time running two operating systems on my iMac and NEC. Foe starters, it never fails to amuse me how long it takes my NEC to start up as compared to my iMac. When it comes to programs, I […]

>Singing in the rain. Shower

> A couple of months back, I received an email from TKK. Besides the bulk of her email which consist of her usual glamourous life with her thousands of lovers, she added that she spent a ridiculously huge amount of money I shall not disclose the amount but it’s […]

>A noisy opening(:

> Image credit to the awesome Zinkie<3333 I went down to the NOISE opening yesterday which is kind of like a platform for artist to show our works. One of my work got featured from the Open Category Submission. The exhibition will run till the 7th of March […]

>Just a little more

> Considering how badly I screwed fashion photography, I was approached by one of my seniors to help with her fashion shoots. Possible sleepless nights aside, I said yes. Despite the fact that I did not really enjoy fashion, I feel that I can definitely do a lot […]

>Lonely in the rain.

> Fashion photography is over! I was pretty worried about my images but I guess my editing skills kind of made up for it. In the end, although my images look more like some pre-wedding shots, I don’t exactly feel like hiding in a hole. In conclusion, it’s […]

>The guy with the master left eye

> I am still recovering from last week’s string of never-ending events whereby I got little and close to no sleep at all.So here is a post to make up for last week and probably this week:3On a different note, check out my photoblog and my LFI Gallery for my Thaipusam images. […]