Postcards From Kathmandu

img 7179 Postcards From Kathmandu Jamie Chan

Obligatory prayer flags

Hello lovely people! I am still ALIVE!
Kathmandu has always been my dream place to travel to as I’ve seen amazing images from it but when I am actually here, I wondered if I am in the wrong place>.>

For starters, I expected to jump off the plane and start shooting beautiful temples and lovely people. Unfortunately Thamel, the place I am in is extremely very touristy. Never mind the fact that the touts pester you, they actually follow you till no tomorrow>.> I get lost every day the moment I step out of my hotel and although getting lost is part of the fun and beauty of life when its blacked-out and you are in the completely opposite direction from where you are supposed to go with like 3 people following you all you can do is Hail Mary and act like you know where you are going… 1800-dial-a-hero

img 7193 Postcards From Kathmandu Jamie Chan

The cow is probably just as lost as I am!

But this place has one of the most amazing light I have ever seen and the weather is heaven!
I’m heading off to some temples with a girl I met on the streets later on<3
I’ll blog whenever I can!

img 7195 Postcards From Kathmandu Jamie Chan

Selling shawls

img 7211 Postcards From Kathmandu Jamie Chan

The curry power here is -boomz-

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    • September to November is pretty amazing as the sky is clear and it does not really rain!
      If you are interested in Kathmandu, I suggest you skip Thamel as it is wayyyy too touristy… Head straight to Pokahara or Nagarkot! Those places are a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
      In terms of safety, you just need to be extra careful in Thamel as without my friends or my correspondant, I get followed to no tomorrow… Must be the ginger hair:3

      When you are out of Thamel the local’s hospitality is really incredible! The people here are generally really sweet and I am really falling in love with this place!
      I don’t wanna go back to Singapore T_T

        • Oh hey~~~
          I just got back to Singapore(: and am in the hospital for a bad case of diarrhea>.>
          And yes! I’ll be in Singapore during end Jan! Let me know when you are coming and I can take you around!
          Thank you so much for the nomination! Brightens up the gloomy ward in the hospital<3

          • Oh my gosh…are you ok? Hope it isn’t anything too serious. Take care and get well. Yes, I will definitely let you know when I make a trip to SG. You should come to HKG too. I can be your tour guide 🙂

  1. Nice pics! thanks for sharing 🙂 I am planning to visit Kathmandu, if you please, is it possible to visit mount Everest in few days, or one day trip? how much days would it be enough to visit Nepal? Thank you 🙂

    • Hello Ahmed, thanks for stopping by my blog!

      I guess you could trek to the base camp of Mount Everest in a few days depending on your physical fitness, the guides would do better to advise you.
      Once is never enough for Nepal as there are so many things to see!
      Do consider at least spending a week or two there!

      Enjoy your trip(:

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