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Teaser post!

I’ve been busy as usual. excuses So the story goes, I missed 2 blog post and I shall try make up for it this week. Then again, I always make time for my shoots but it comes to processing them, it is an absolute nightmare. I swear, having backlogs are like […]

Who’ll stop the rain?

The Junior Shooting Home opening exhibition is over and till now, it still feels like a dream to see my works up on the panels. Just last year, I promised myself that I will be part of a group or solo exhibition before I graduate and I did […]


Its been a pretty busy week for me. With back to back shoots and editing stacked up to no tomorrow, I finally took some time off for an unofficial partial doll meet my first meet in some 6 months! and met up with Tsu and D. The thing about […]

Keeping it real

It’s been awhile since my last post. I had an unofficial hiatus for almost more than a month so I’m sorry for those who were waiting for something exciting or happy to happen in my life. There were definitely fleeting happy moments but I still can’t get that […]