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Pullip Merl’s Box Opening

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Not sure if I mentioned via my earlier post but Heidi left my doll crew:(

I never actually bonded well with Heidi but never the less, I really miss her!
Anyways, I pre-ordered Pullip Merl during a trip I made to Magma Heritage while my Philippine friends were in Singapore.
I fell in love the moment I laid eyes on her and it is kind of hard not to buy anything when you step into Magma as it is like dolly land for me!

Madison and Margaret are really nice people and I highly recommend them if you are looking to start a doll hobby as they carry a huge range of dolls!
I await the day they bring in BJDs which would probably be the day where my wallet commits suicide.

Anyways with Chiriko’s help, on to the box opening pictures!

I never actually thought that I would get a Pullip. In fact, I never appreciated them until I started to see the beauty in dolls.
Pullips are very different from BJDs in that they have a screw system instead of strings. And my lord it is so hard to make them stand without their doll stand as it is a feat to balance their heads! Their bodies are probably the size of barbies and they are made of vinyl making them relatively cheaper than BJDs.
I love the fact that you can close their eyes! As with BJD terms, ‘sleeping’ means having a different head altogether…

In any case, I am going to call her Meryl instead as it is a lot easier to pronounce(:

I can’t wait for the next doll meet and in the meantime, do check out Magma Heritage if you are in Singapore and head on over to ‘like’ their Facebook page!

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Sleeping time!

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