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My favourite of the set

I had the opportunity to once again work with Stephanie Octavia Loh, photographing her new head-shot!

My set up for the shoot is really simple with a window light coming in from the right and a reflector on the left.
For me, a good head-shot is all about nailing the expression; a confident and approachable expression.

I have photographed Steph ever since I started taking photography seriously for about 4 years now.
In fact, I dare argue that she was my very first model that is not made of resin!
I dug up some of my older images of Steph and it is really funny looking at my old works; cringing at how badly it was edited and going oh that’s right I actually have a Deviant Art account!

It is also really interesting to compare the different style and technic I used for each shoot; one thing is for sure, I love giant soft lights and Steph is as beautiful as ever.

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Websteph, Stephanie Octavia Loh, Headshot, Actor, natural light

Pretty Steph

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