Tan Qing Lun: Voices of Tomorrow

Tan Qin Lun, Dizi, Chinese musical instrument, Dingyi Music Company, Singapore, Musician

Last month, I was very fortunate to be invited by Qing Lun from Ding Yi Music Company to photograph his concert, Voices of Tomorrow.
It was a spectacular fusion of music from different cultures as Qing Lun is not only good at playing the Dizi (Chinese Flute), he is also well versed in the Indian Flute!
A Chinese playing the Indian Flute – Wait, what?

Well, he won the 2nd place in this year’s National Indian Music competition Flute Open Category; making him the only Chinese to take part.
Besides that, did I mentioned that there are no other winners in that category (no one took the 1st prize)!
Talk about being so very talented and hardworking!

Anyways, here are some of the highlights from his rehearsal and performance…

It was a sell-out concert as Qing Lun and the other performers serenaded the audience with both Indian and Chinese classical tunes.
Special mention to the beautiful Shivashni Kummar dancing to one of my favourite Indian pieces, Bho Shambo.

Tan Qing Lun, ASEAN Scholar, Voices of Tomorrow, Ding Yi Music Company, Chinese Dizi, Teacher, Performance, Music Concert, Leica, No Foreign Lands

With the Ding Yi Music Company


Tan Qing Lun

I first met Qing Lun during the ASEAN Youth Cultural Camp 2011.
Back then, we came to a realisation that as Artists in Singapore, we are in a very unique position to explore rojak (fusion – also a delicious fruit and vegetable salad with peanut sauce which is making me very hungry right now) of arts given that we are exposed to different cultures and races all around us.
In line with our self-identity, what exactly is the culture of Singapore?
Is there a way to use the arts and fuse the different cultures together; say a Chinese way of performing an Indian Dance or a Malay way of playing a Chinese instrument?

Qing Lun obviously found out how to make very delicious rojak, musically speaking given that he figured out how to play incredible Indian Music while sticking to his Chinese heritage.
A recipient of the National Arts Council scholarship, Qing Lun just graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and is back in Singapore to impart what he learnt to the next generations of musicians.
It was an absolute delight working with him and do catch him around the Singapore music scene as an up and coming star!

Tan Qing Lun, Conductor, Singapore Musician, Ding Yi Music Company, Chinese, conductor, Singapore, Orchestra, No foreign Lands

Till next time guys!

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