Shiok Shiok Satay Burger Feast with McDonald’s

Jamie Chan, Food, Blogger, MacDonalds, Satay Burger, Singapore I was invited to try McDonald’s new Shiok Shiok Satay Feast. A menu which was specially created in celebration for the upcoming Singapore National Day.


Satay Burger

The Shiok Shiok Chicken Satay Burger is a tender skinless chicken patty, topped with crunchy onion slivers, cucumber slices, and tantalising peanut sauce, as sesame seed buns sandwich this savoury combination for a satisfying finish. While the Shiok Shiok Beef Satay Burger is pretty much the same thing with a double beef patty instead of chicken.

I really enjoyed both the burgers as it was topped with a generous amount of peanut sauce and it feels like eating satay in burger form. I particularly enjoyed the Beef satay burger as I felt there was more flavour to it. The onions and cucumber brought a nice touch to the burgers and I really liked the Strawberry McFizz!

The new Shiok Shiok Chicken Satay Burger Extra Value Meal and Shiok Shiok Beef Satay Burger Extra Value meal which includes a Medium French Fries and Small Coke is available from $6.60 each. The ala carte Shiok Shiok Chicken Satay Burger and Shiok Shiok Beef Satay Burger is available from $5.50 each.

There is also Smokey Drumlets (2pc) available from $2, Strawberry McFizz™ available from just $2.70, and the Banana Pie, with its luscious mashed banana filling enclosed in a crispy pie crust, available for just $1!

This special feast will be available in stores from 15 July Tuesday onwards, while stocks last.

Before I forget, Shiok is a Malay word which means something that feels good. It is also part of Singlish; an English-based creole language widely spoken in Singapore.

Singlish uses the Chinese grammar and is often peppered with words from the local dialects and languages such as Malay, Indian and Hokkien (Chinese Dialect).
It is also really tonal and is something unique to Singaporeans.

Perhaps it’s due to my love for British dramas or the time I spend in Australia, I am always told that I have a weird accent; that it takes a little while before my inner lah takes over when I speak to a fellow Singaporean.
So when I found out we had to do a Singlish crossword puzzle, I was really excited! Don’t play play 

After 2 months of drinking hot choccie and frowning at Vegemite, I am very happy to announce that my Singlish is here to stay!

I was one of the first three Bloggers to submit my answers so woohoo I got a prize!
My prize was a Singlish Dictionary which I gave to Monique a Filipino Beauty Blogger based in Singapore to spread the love of bad English Singlish.

Jamie Chan, Food, Blogger, MacDonalds, Prize, Singlish

Happy learning Singlish!

I would like to thank OMY and McDonald’s for this lovely event. It was great meeting so many new bloggers who are very passionate about their different topics!

Also, the only ang moh (Caucasian) in the picture is James who blogs on Travelling MacDonald’s where he reviews unique MacDonald’s item from over 60 different countries!
He is one of the finalists for the Singapore Blog Awards Best Topical Blog category while I am in the Best Photography Blog category.

Do cast a vote for us if you enjoyed reading our blogs(:

Jamie Chan, Food, Blogger, MacDonalds, OMY Event


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  1. Love this recipe — we used to enjoy chicken satay at a little Thai restaurant in our neighborhood in New York City (it closed years ago) and this is the closest to it that I have ever found. Thank you!

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