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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

Blood Moon, Australia Country Side, Stars moving, No Foreign Lands, Jamie Chan, Leica, Long exposure, Astro photography

Blood Moon

For this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, I present my first attempt at astrophotography.

I was in Sorrento for a holiday within my current extended holiday and I am always blown away by the stars when I head out of the city.
It was the night of the eclipse so the moon was pretty spectacular; although I am not sure what to make of the flare/ bright light next to it.
A flare or a UFO…

Either way, it sure feels like a dream especially when the moon looks like this:

Blood Moon, Australia, Melbourne, iPhone, Jamie Chan, No Foreign Lands, Eclipse

Shot on an iPhone with the help of a huge-ass telescope.

The perfect camera is the one with you.
Who says the iPhone can’t photograph the moon!

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