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So Long – TP Design Show 2012

img 0800 1 So Long - TP Design Show 2012 Jamie Chan

It felt just like yesterday when I stepped into TP’s design school.

My results got me nowhere so I kind of set my mind on a diploma in Sonic Arts at Republic Poly.
“what design school? Sweetie, you can hardly draw let alone design.” This was the response I got from most of my friends and honestly Visual Communications was more of my dad’s choice than my own.

Since my results were probably more than twice the cut off point, I had to go in through a portfolio review.
The biggest joke is that my portfolio consisted of images shot in Chinatown the DAY BEFORE my portfolio interview with perhaps more than half, if not all was me pointing the camera in the direction my father points and tadah~ Portfolio.
Of course, I included some really lovely drawings and ‘art’ in which the panel scrapped off as rudimental…

Fast forward three years later, I just ended my diploma show.

If I could go back in time, as much as I really hated every single design module, I guess I would still stick to this course. Sure I died during the design modules, think that it is suicidal to do layouts and should be banned from drawing anything, at least I found myself, my passion and met some really incredible people at the same time. Ever grateful to my photo mentors, Mathias, Jim and Chee Yong for their guidance and for showing me the beauty of photography.

I cannot even begin to explain how much photography changed my life and my perspective on things. It opened up so many doors for me to meet new people, gain new experiences and simply be happy(:

Some images from the show~

TP Design Show 2012, With Tommy and Alex


It started with the 3 of us, Tommy and Alex were one of the first few friends I made during my school years. We were then put into different majors but I still remember the times where we had lunch together in the canteen(:
Good times, so long…


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