From The Streets Of Singapore

img 5540 From The Streets Of Singapore Jamie Chan

When I shoot on the streets, I almost always go home without a single usable image.
Moments on the streets are just like moments in my really spontaneous life, they happen for that split second and they are gone.
When I was starting out in photography, I remember dragging myself out to the streets every day in a three month period. It was a great training ground for me as I learnt from my mistakes and pushed myself to see things differently.

What if I went lower?
What if I went higher?
What if I shift myself a little more?
Should I wait?
What if I just go HAIL MARY?

I should be shooting blogging a lot more than what I am doing now and I really do not have an excuse besides the fact that my leg hurts…
So when I had about an hour of free time just the other day, I went out to the streets and made a couple of images(:

Besides street photography, I did a glamour shoot pretty recently and for the love of the great green earth, my dear talent rocked the shoot with her gorgeous smile!
Images to come soon once I wrap my head around how I should post-process them as I am going for an arty feel.

Other updates include the fact that I am headed to Thailand and Vietnam for 6 weeks(: have not booked my return tickets home!
Hopefully, the trip will wash away the constant pain I am in and that I will relax/ learn to cook/ learn the Thai dance/ be happy.
I’ll be sure to do lots of street photography as well(:

img 5589 From The Streets Of Singapore Jamie Chan

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    • Thank you!
      Thats the thing about shooting on the streets. You just have to find something interesting and wait as change is the only constant(:

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