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Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

South Australia, Landscape, Tree, Leica, Jamie Chan, No Foreign Lands, travel blogger
The Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is Achievement.
I’m not fond of looking back at what I ‘achieved’ in the past as I feel that one should always be moving forward instead of clinging on to past glory.

So today’s image is not something I did but on this lone tree I spotted while I was travelling through South Australia.
After all, it is a pretty amazing achievement to grow in a space where nothing else grows.

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  1. Great shot. Such vivid blue sky there and what pretty clouds. I had no idea parts of South Australia looks like this – a bit like scenes out of The Lion King 😀 I so agree we shouldn’t spend so much time dwelling on our mistakes. We really should look to the future and seize the next opportunity. However, the only time I think we should look back is when we want to learn from our mistakes 🙂

  2. I agree that dwelling on past achievements isn’t exactly wonderful but acknowledging them is a good exercise. Sometimes we become so down on ourselves that we forget just what we can do.
    Your photo is stunning.

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