India & 2014

Buds of Christ, Jamie Chan, Singapore International Foundation, Photography Workshop, Leica

Successful photography workshop in India.

I was going to do a recap of 2014 in images but since I am still in denial, here is a brief overview on my trip to India.

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I got back from South India about a week ago and it was a lovely trip where I spent my time with Buds of Christ in Tiruchengode.
They are a grassroots organisation who helps and empowers HIV positive children and their communities.
I was with the Singapore International Foundation and held a Visual Storytelling workshop for some of the kids from the centre and a few others from various non-profit agencies.
I am also in the midst of finishing up the images from the trip and putting a multi-media piece together so it is keeping me rather occupied at the moment.

I stayed at two lovely hotels while I was there and they were warm and welcoming in their own way.
The first, Radha Prasad had the most adorable way of folding your towels every day.

The second place I stayed, Grand Estancia was such a beautiful place.
Their rooms are really comfortable although their beds should come with this warning sign: Warning. Extra fluffy beds. Side effects include not being able to get out of bed and the unusual tendency to roll around and hide under the sheets.

The chefs at the hotel managed to brighten up my morning with this lovely funny side up.

Eggs, Humour, Grand Estancia, India, Salem, Jamie Chan, Food

Strangely reminds me of Zoidberg from Futurama

That is all from India for now.
Thank you all who have stuck with me through this rather challenging period of my life especially Mumsy, Mathias, Pan..

2015 is going to be a new chapter for me.
More stories to tell and different places to travel to.
Happy New Year everyone(:

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  1. Jamie, Happy New Year. Seems something happened that has rocked your world. And despite your feelings about “blah, blah, blah” from one whose known enough heartbreak to write a half a dozen tragic novels, you are young and love always returns. I look forward to receiving your next letter.

    • Happy New year to you too! Your letter is on its way to me from Australia as I am currently back in Singapore. Can’t wait to reply when I get it!

  2. “I skipped the yearly review in pictures simply because I am not ready to look back at certain parts of the year.” I totally get that.

    Belatedly, I wish you a much more positive, productive, adventurous and fulfilling 2015!

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