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Off The Streets

Joo Chiat coffee shop

I make it a point to shoot alongside my students when I am teaching them.
The topic for today is street photography which is something I really enjoy doing. Being invisible, and as David Gibson puts it, ‘looking for luck.’ Street photography is all about photographing the mundane and making it interesting.

I tried to look at the world in monochrome today and I really don’t think I am the next Ansel Adams…
So I guess I’ll just stick to colour next week >.>

I am also supposed to show one of my personal projects to the students next week! I’m torn between showing a new essay that I made in Thailand and some shorter ones that I made in Indonesia. Or I could show Thaipusam which everyone is probably sick of

Images were made along Joo Chiat and shot on my trusty ol’ Canon G9.

One of my student shooting

Sahara Desert

Bags Galore



I’m so good with captions.

Before I end off, I’ll like to give a quick shot out to my pal, Zinkie! Who won 3rd place in the Urban Moments contest! *clap clap clap* To Mike for getting the Distinction award(: *clap clap clap*
And hihi to Ck and Alvin whom I met at the event(:

Crazy week ahead and I really got to lay off the ice creams and cakes >.<

Watch your weight!

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