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Welcome to the new theme for No Foreign Lands! *clap clap clap*

I really enjoy this theme as I paid for it I get to showcase some of the old archives of my blog that gets lost with every new post I churn out and the size of the images!
To date, I’ve published more than 500 posts since I started blogging in 2007! Its kind of crazy to look back at some of my post and wonder how on God’s Great Green Earth did I managed to publish that…

I’ve started from a tiny 300px width post column blog called Rayearth on Blogger and decided that I really like publishing on WordPress instead.
So I switched Jamie’s Blog to a 650px width theme but that was not enough; I needed bigger images for my blog.
750px it is! I lost my watermark and created a custom domain name while I was at it.
No Foreign Lands was born.

I stuck with the old theme for a while but it just didn’t really stick and Chronicle came along!
For its current incarnation, No Foreign Lands now boast a responsive blog theme with a 900px width for its post! Hello pixel peepers.

Funny enough, I managed to dig up what my blog looked like in some of my earlier themes:

Jamie Chan, Blog, Rayearth

Rayearth  (A Leica button!)

Jamie Chan, Blog, Visual Storyteller

Jamie’s Blog

In any case, please bear with me as the older post’s images will look pretty out of size since I really can’t imagine the task of resizing every image in my 500 odd posts…
Baby steps.

Do send me feedback on how the new theme is for you or just drop me a message to say hi(:
Much love from down under, J.

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