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The Leica M-E & Me


The Leica M-E Story

I was first introduced to the world of Leica’s M system, or rather thrown into it the sea with it via the Leica Akadamie Workshop by Mathias Heng last year. (In fact, if anyone is interested, the same workshop by Mathias will be held pretty soon; details on the Leica Akadamie Singapore website)

Leica loaned me the M9 for the workshop and I was really excited back then; a Leica M9! My photography is going to be absolutely amazing!
However, my love affair with the Leica was not exactly sparkles and butterflies at the beginning…
For starters, the ISO is glorious at the lower range but the upper range is really bad. Never mind I could not focus to save my life; has anyone looked at the LCD screen?


The camera I worked with in September 2012<3

Then again, the more I worked with it the more I grew to love it. Yes, I made some really artistic images with that camera but call it pixie dust; there is just something about the camera that made it such a joy to work with.
I’ve worked with so many kinds of cameras and a huge range of brands however, something always pulls me back to the M system. It was like learning how to see and falling in love with photography all over again.

Then again the 10k price tag was not something a starving artist could afford so after the amazing workshop, I returned the camera but I promised myself that I’ll get it before I turn 21. It was a huge; insane and almost impossible promise because I turn 21 in November 2013 so to save up more than 10k in a year without compromising my travels while working as a Visual Storyteller? I honestly didn’t think it was possible.
Fast forward 3 months, I started working for Leica in December 2012.

Fast forward another 4 months…

The Leica M-E Box Opening

I got the Leica M-E and the 35mm Summilux(:



I love small touches like these!

The Leica M-E is technically the same camera as the M9 without the USB port; frame line selector and a few hundred dollars less. I don’t know why so many people dislike the M-E’s colour but grey-green-blue is starting to grow on me! It is very pretty; and the Summilux, good lord I am so glad I closed my eyes and settled for that lens despite its insane cost because the quality of images I get with it is absolutely beautiful.
As one of my favorite sayings goes: Buy once; buy nice.

I am very fortunate to be given an instalment plan for the camera so here comes the best part: by the time I am done paying for the camera; I will still be 20! Fate works in strange ways when you are willing and I am extremely very blessed.
It must have been some subconscious thing but the first image I made with the camera went to my gypsy mentor, Mathias.
And yes, I nailed the focus this time(:

Spirits everywhere

Spirits everywhere~

I spent Saturday with two of my friends at the outskirts of Singapore playing Nintendo Wii; visiting monkeys and of course, the M-E was with me the entire time(:


The long bus ride


The board games hoarder collector




Monkey monkey!


More monkeys!



I am ever so blessed to have the M-E  while keeping my life and travel funds afloat.
I will be travelling to Melbourne come end June and I am really excited to see my friends; relatives; penguins and a bear!

In the meantime, my life is filled with choir concerts; Lord of the Rings productions; different shoots left right and centre; exhibitions and of course my darling Cavalier.

What would I do without this smile?

What would I do without this smile to keep me sane?

I can’t wait to share more images/ stories with you guys! Take care everyone(:

Jamie Chan and her Leica M-E

The Saddleback Leather; the M-E and me<3

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  1. Wow…
    I wonder if I will ever justify myself to buy such camera…
    … hmmm… allow me to rephrase that in a better word…
    I wonder if I will ever justify myself to invest in such fine and incredible piece of image capturing device….

    Wish you have a good light. Cheers.

    • Thank you so much!
      Yes the price tag for a Leica is really steep but if you cannot compromise your image quality then this is the camera for you. That said, I know that it is really hard for the working photographer to afford one and I am really fortunate I work for Leica!
      But buy once, buy nice. Everyone deserves a Leica someday<3

      • “…it is really hard for the working photographer to afford one…”

        It’s even harder for a stingy hobbyist like me :D…Definitely, there’s a price for premium quality. But, knowing myself as a stingy person, I don’t think I will ever buy one.

        Do let me know if Leica has 80% discount, though… hahaha… :-).

        • Hahaha sure thing!
          I’m at the Leica Raffles store so pop by to say hi if you are in the area(:
          Hopefully the new M will be in stock then<3

  2. Hi Jaime,
    I chance upon your blog. Nice! Very inspiring indeed. Besides the camera, the price of the lens is a killer too.

    2nd hand or not? What do u think?

    • Hello, yes Leica is expensive but they do last for a long time!
      It does not matter if you get your equipment 2nd hand; most importantly is to enjoy photography itself and your gear will fall into place(:

    • Hello, I heard Leica is about to increase their prices next year so your best bet is to head to the nearest store or dealer and double check with them!

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