The Disposable Camera: 25 Part 2

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It took me a while since March 2013 to shoot and finish the MooveMedia disposable camera.
Just like the previous 2 cameras I used, I had no control over any of the settings. I didn’t even know what ASA I was at…
But I loved those cameras as they are like little time capsules of my life where I shoot and review images full of memories a year later.
From Singapore to Australia, I clearly remember shooting the woman carrying flowers and prayed that her eyes are sharp but I never knew how the shot would turn out.

I looked at some of the images and it really brought back memories of my time in Melbourne where the sky was incredibly blue and that I went shopping with my friend after some hot chocolate at Koko Black.

I really miss shooting film!
Now, where is that Hasselblad of mine…

cycling, film, disposable camera

Cycling on a sunny day

cycling, film, disposable camera, purple haze

lights and shadows

Disposable film camera

Kovan Melody(:

Disposable film camera

The day I had hot chocolate with my boss

Disposable film camera


Disposable film camera

Somewhere in Melbourne

So the lens of the camera is complete rubbish and I didn’t even know if my images were properly exposed; but that’s the beauty of it.
The imperfections of film that makes everything perfect.

Disposable film camera

With Christiane in Melbourne!

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