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2013 In Images

2013 was in no particular order…


Kicked off the year with a group exhibition at Leica


Officially joined the Leica Club

Choir madness with some 6 public performances this year!

Forlino dinner

Beautiful Dinner at Forlino

From singing to fine dining and to down under…

Junior Shooting Home Objectifs

2nd Group Exhibition of the year with JSH

A bit of bonding with the family…

2013, birthday cake, Jamie Chan

Forever 21

How could I forget meeting up with the ASEAN people?


七転び八起き. Nana korobi ya oki is a Japanese saying that quite literally means fall down seven, stand up eight. It is probably the saying that represents my year the most.

2013 was a struggle for me trying to strike a balance between working full-time and having a life.
As I turned 21, I felt like I failed in life due to various reasons. I did many stupid things that I am not proud of but I learnt so much I feel like I am 25.
Depression came and went like a plague and according to the gypsy, the amount of tears I cried could probably save the world…

Counting my blessings, I had an amazing year with my family, the IFC people, the ASEAN people and the Leica superhero team.
Especially thankful to my dear Panpan for the midnight phone calls; Shen Ting for the morning messenger ramblings; Jess for letting me drag you around; Silvia for being like a big sister to me; Ken for the rest of the randomness.
Emmy, Poh and Toei thank you for meeting and bringing me around Thailand. My and Cris we missed you!
And the biggest thanks goes to the man who can probably do everything but sing, Mathias.

Shout-out to my dear friends in which ever part of the world you are, thank you for 2013.

Here’s to a fabulous 2014.
Happy New Year everyone(:

There are no Foreign Lands.
It is only the traveller who is foreign.

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