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From The Streets: Street Opera In Bangkok

Chinese Opera, Bangkok, Street, portrait

I was walking around Yaowarat; Bangkok’s Chinatown sometime last year when I chanced upon a street opera which was really interesting because both the audience and performers were Chinese.
The stage was built in the middle of a construction ground and was quite literally in the middle of nowhere.
You really do not get to see this stage performances every day in Singapore, let alone Bangkok.

With all the Mandarin I know, I asked if I could hang around for a little while and made the following images…

Street Opera in Bangkok


Performing traditional Chinese opera


Musicians for the show




Relaxing after the show


The impromptu stage

It was a curious sight to see such a show in Thailand which is why I enjoy shooting on the streets as you will never know what you are going to get.
Hopefully, I’ll get to photograph them again in some part of the world.


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