Worldwide InstaMeet Melbourne

Instagram Worldwide meet, Melbourne, Luna Park, Reflections, Rides, St Kilda, LeicaI attended my first Worldwide InstaMeet in Melbourne on 5th October.
An InstaMeet is a gathering of people/ photographers going on photo-walks from the Instagram Community.


Worldwide InstaMeet

IgersMelbourne hosted one and it was pretty fun meeting everyone although it can be rather intimidating to have a group of photographers swarming a single subject!

Worldwide InstaMeet, Melbourne, St Kilda, Leica, Photographers

Meet the InstaPhotographers!

We met at St Kilda and walked towards Luna Park. I wished I could had stayed for drinks but I rushed down to photograph the Docklands Blues Music Festival that afternoon.
Still, it was nice to walk around St Kilda and to finally step into Luna Park which is a really pretty theme park.

Enjoy the images and hashtag #wwim10melb on Instagram to have a look at what the other photographers shot on that day!
Shout-out to @igersmelbourne for the lovely meet-up.
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Instagram Worldwide meet, Melbourne, St Kilda, heavy lifting, orange

Orange Blob

Worldwide InstaMeet, Melbourne, St Kilda, Photographers, Jamie Chan, No Foreign Lands

Photographing a photographer photographing a teeny tiny lego man

Instagram Worldwide meet, Melbourne, Luna Park, Clown

Luna Park

Instagram Worldwide meet, Melbourne, Luna Park, Ride, Power, Scary

I actually felt sick looking at the ride in the air…

Instagram Worldwide meet, Melbourne, Luna Park, Water Ball, Hamster


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WWIM10 | Thank you to our awesome Melbourne @instagram community who made today's 10th Worldwide Instameet in St Kilda, Melbourne truly epic! Can't wait to see all your photos! Don't forget to hashtag #wwim10 & #wwim10melb for a chance to be featured on @igersmelbourne in the coming week. | 💙💙💙 Your dedicated team @anneis @toffyinc & @legojacker @ockert45 Ockert @chapterandverse Carmelina @jivebong Jessica @kurtissofophotography Kurtis @kinda26 Kathy @suzanvasica69 Suzan @planettoorak Deb @myjourney24_7 James @pushdoor Sascha @belabruxa Anabela @iicaptain73 Troy @loucee2 Lou @freakieflower Ellen @soconnie1 Connie @ernestlew Ernest @theedgeoftheearth Shaun @yeewahhhhh YeeWah @sandiibeachoz Sandii @katarihug Andrew @azaballet Ariane @ameliajs24- Amelia @breathingstreets Dave @reenies_joy Shahrene @suseinspired Susan @victorteg Vic @ktog88 Keillan @ffriday Amanda @vveiweii Wei @logonpic Linda @fodograff Dan @jamiecphotos Jamie @sallyhanreck Sally @matt.montgomery Matt @interiorlux Sharon @loufy Sabine @ondrae_16 Ondrae @acharlottte Anne @mitzography James @winterchild87 Karissa @flossr63 floss @rodankaka Rodan @christipede Chris @dualvoyage Anne @kausheiliah Kausheiliah @von_schnapper Steve @jameskoonng James @craigsaintj Craig YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!!

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