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When The Mountains Called: Exhibition Preview

About 25 days ago, an idea was floated to the Kathmandu Inside Out Alumni.
What if, we have an exhibition at Ion Orchard? Won’t it be really cool to see some 28 stories presented to the public about Kathmandu? We are looking at almost 170 images in a lovely 7 x 20m space with good foot traffic.
I volunteered to be the curator for the exhibition before I realised that we only have 25 days to plan and execute everything…

Jamie Chan, No Foreign Lands, When The Mountains Called

Last-minute prep in progress with Pandora Wong. Photo by Edwin Koo.

Unfortunately, on the 25th of April, an 8.7 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal and we were on the verge of cancelling the entire exhibition as it was such an untimely event.
Yet, we feel that it is now even more significant for us to show everyone the Kathmandu we knew. The place we fell in love with and the place that gave us so much.

Tonight/ tomorrow morning at 1 am would be the set up for the exhibition.
I would probably not have time to blog until after the exhibition in which I would love to share my curation and thought process behind how I layout and select images.

The exhibition runs from the 11th to the 17th of May at Ion Orchard Singapore.
Event link on Facebook

I will be there during the opening night on the 12th of May, at 7.30 pm and on the weekends.
For those interested, I will be speaking about my work on Saturday (16th May) at 2 pm.

It is going to be a long and crazy week for me and I would love to see you around.
Do come down and show your support for Nepal and the artists if you can.

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The Kathmandu I know of

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  1. Great idea, good for you! I wish I could drop by and support this wonderful initiative, but alas I’ll be passing through SG 2 weeks later. If you’re showing anywhere else, please drop me a line.

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