The Dolls

My dolls are not Chucky.

I have 2 kinds of dolls, BJDs and Pullip.



BJDs are Ball Jointed dolls.

They are not made of glass, porcelain and are NOT Barbie dolls.
They are made of a really high grade of plastic called resin.

BJDs as their name suggests, are ball jointed and are strung by a string system much like the german dolls.

They come in every size and shape imaginable and the only thing to limit how they would look like would be the money in your bank account.
Your best bet for what these beautiful dolls are is to visit the Den of Angels Forum as the possibilities for them are endless.

As for me, I am fortunate to have three of these beauties and counting.



23 7 12 dollsale 0483 copy The Dolls Jamie


Kiyomi is a Domuya Faith, SD16.


JULIET – the blonde money eater

-Changing her image-

Juliet is a Domuya Alice, SD16.



25 7 12 merlboxopening 0583 The Dolls Jamie


Chiriko is a Luts Baby Brier Taffy, YOSD.



Pullips on the other hand are a little different from BJDs in which they are fashion dolls with an oversized head on a 1/3 scale.

I highly recommend Magma Heritage if you are interested in getting a Pullip! 



25 7 12 merlboxopening 0538 The Dolls Jamie


Meryl is a Whispering Island Pullip Merl

I am a huge doll lover, so you can read/ find out more about my dolls under the category: My Girls

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    • Haha Pullips are a good start to the doll hobby! They are relatively cheaper than BJDs.
      Perhaps you’ll get one for her as a christmas present? 😛

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