Scootering With The Pan-Tec

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Renting a Pan-Tec scooter

If there is just one thing I would recommend when in Kenting, it would be to rent an electric scooter.
It is so much easier to take in the sights and the best part is that you will be able to rent one without a driver’s license (only the electric ones.)
The only pre-requisite being you need to know how to ride a bicycle because the scooters are somewhat the electric variation of a bicycle. They just happen to go a lot faster…

The roads in Kenting are wide and easy to ride with long stretches of nothing to hit so unless you have huge issues with balance and zero road sense (drive on the right!), you can’t go wrong with renting an electric scooter!
Having the scooter allows you to really explore the place as you can stop whenever you want just to admire the glorious views or take little roads in the villages that will lead you a different view of the ocean to enjoy the spectacular sunset.

A word of caution when driving in the Kenting night market in the evening as traffic gets crazy there so beginners might want to avoid it until you are more confident. Stay clear of the huge tour buses too!

Kenting, Taiwan, Jamie Chan, Leica Photographer, travel blogger, No Foreign Lands, Scooter

Almost everyone has a scooter of sorts

You are really spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your electric scooter. From happy pandas to shocking pink Hello Kitty decals, there is something for everyone!

Of course, if you want to be taken a little more seriously by road users, I rented my Pan-Tecs from:

SDU Island Travel

Email: sdu37665372@gmail.com
Line ID: 632217
Kenting Office: +886-8-8880936

The office workers mainly if not, exclusively speak Mandarin so get your hotel to call them in advance if you wish to check their current rates/ rent their scooters. I can’t remember the rate I paid but it should be about 12-15SGD per day.
They will give you two batteries per scooter which is enough to last the entire day or 40-50km in total. Make sure you pay attention when they teach you how to change the batteries so that you are not stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead scooter!

Depending on how light you are, the Pan-Tecs has a maximum speed of 50-60km/h which is a lot of fun when you are riding on long stretches of empty road with no particular destination in mind but purely for enjoying the sea breeze in your hair.

Kenting, Taiwan, Jamie Chan, Leica Photographer, travel blogger, No Foreign Lands, Scooter, Pan-Tec


All in all, the electric scooters are highly recommended even for beginners to explore the gorgeous seaside of Kenting.
It is very liberating if you are on it for the first time as you’ll get to explore both the mountains and the seas; travel to the southernmost tip of Taiwan and stop whenever you fancy. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, head north to where the hot springs are; enjoy the sea breeze along the way or take a dip in the water in your own time.

Kenting, Taiwan, Jamie Chan, Leica Photographer, travel blogger, No Foreign Lands, Scooter, Pan-Tec

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  1. Hello! Happened to stumble upon your blog… Great post! Just curious. How long do the batteries for the electric scooter last in terms of distance? And how long do you have to charge it each time? I am thinking of renting one to ride from Kenting to Southern Most Point then up the Long Pan Park and to Gangkou drawbridge, before returning to Hengchun. Was wondering how many times I have to charge it in between and if the scooter can take the longer distance (e.g. between Southern Most Point to Gangkou and Gangkou to Hengchun). If you could offer some tips on this that would be great. Thank you!

    • Hey Jill, sorry I missed your comment.
      Basically, you will get 2 batteries when you rent your bike and they can last for pretty much the entire day of riding and stopping multiple times.
      Check in with the shop when you rent them, they are generally very kind. If I recall, both batteries should be able to last you 40km but don’t take my word for it, it’s been a while since I was in Kenting! Safe travels, it’s beautiful there!

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